About Us

About us:

We started like so many other companies; with a passion and an idea.

Initially retailers of this authentically Australian product, we sourced boots from a number of local manufacturers. Then things changed, as they always do. Our suppliers began to cut corners, reduce their selection or move production overseas in the interests of cutting costs.

This meant the quality and variety wasn’t consistent and sometimes just not good enough to meet our exacting standards. It was time for us to reclaim the quality and innovation in our industry, and so we set out to manufacture our own.

We select only the highest end quality components, such as premium Natural Sheepskin, hard wearing soles and quality threads. All of this comes together to make the best quality boots you can buy.

Experience the Difference with our product:

Our boot makers are highly skilled in shaping and fitting the sheepskin down to the finest detail. Rather than an assembly line, each pair of boots is crafted from beginning to end by only a handful of people. This produces a remarkably comfortable, quality boot.

Our staff are not just part of our team, they are now part of our family and our success story. We view our staff with respect and admiration. It’s an honour to provide them with a safe, secure and enjoyable workplace. We believe in that great Australian philosophy of giving everyone ‘A Fair Go.

For the benefit of our customers and employees, we are passionately committed to:

  • Keeping the great Aussie icon 100% Australian Made.
  • Quality before quantity in our materials and products we sell.

Our Sheepskin:

We understand how important the quality of the sheepskin in creating your boots is, as such we are very selective in what we use; all handpicked to make sure only the best get selected to make your boots.

It’s the difference between comfortable and not so comfy, between being warm or not so warm and between keeping for long or not too long.

  • Main breed of sheepskin used and ideal for Footwear is “Merino – Cross”
  • These breeds come from key regions such as Victoria – Ballarat, Bendigo, Echuca, Cobram, Colac, Wangaratta – wherever there is good feed/grazing areas. In SA, Murray Bridge, Naracoorte are also good areas. NSW – Goulburn Valley, Wagga, Orange, Bathurst also good collection areas.
  • Tannery is credited with the LWP (Leather Working Group) Gold Medal accreditation for environmental stewardship.
  • All processing is done and conforms to strict EU legislation that bans nasty substances.

There's nothing like Australian Made; There's nothing like Australian Ugg from Ugg.com.au.

The Company:

Real Australia Company Pty Ltd (trading as Ugg.com.au) is a registered company in Australia specialising in genuine Australian made sheepskin boots.

Established over 16 years ago, our factory located in Braeside in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne. .