Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Should I select?

You should follow our sizing chart to ensure correct sizing. For best results take a barefoot measurement from heel to largest toe and compare to our size chart. You can find help for how to measure your feet here: colours-sizes.
If this method is impossible, for example if you are purchasing a surprise gift, then we recommend you take the usual size. If you are in between sizes, we would encourage you to take the size up. For example if you are normally a Ladies 6.5, we would recommend purchasing a Ladies 7. Your barefoot measurement in this instance would be between 23.6 cm to 24.5 cm.
When creating sizes and designing patterns, we have already taken into consideration the density of the wool. If you are not sure, you are always welcome to contact us for assistance.

Do Sheepskin Boots stretch?

Sheepskin boots will stretch wherever there is pressure around your feet and legs. Generally we see sheepskin boots stretch up to half a size.
Unless you prefer a loose fitting, your new sheepskin boots should be very snug. Your toes however should not be curling or hurting. The snugness should be felt over the bridge of your feet.
Your heel should be firmly in place without moving up and down.

What style is more suitable for wider calves?

For wide calves, we recommend measuring your calf area before your purchase. If this exceeds 38cm you should reconsider purchasing anything above the calf area. The exception to this depending on your measurement is our Tall dance and Nordic. These have the ability to widen due to their laces, and therefore, give more flexibility.
The Tall Dance will be our best recommendation for people with wider calves, if you are looking to purchase something above the mid-calf area. 

What style is more suitable for High Instep or wider feet?

For people with a high instep we recommend our Alpine Range. Whether it be the Mini Alpines or the regular Alpine, these are designed to allow extra space over the bridge. They are also slightly wider around the sides and bridge area than the traditional style.
Our Ankle Boot design is also designed with the stitching coming upwards rather than across the bridge. Some customers find that these type of boots are easier on their instep and a better fit for wider feet.

Should I wear socks with my sheepskin boots?

It’s up to you! We recommend enjoying the full effect of sheepskin warmth without socks. Allow the natural breathing fibres of sheepskin to give you maximum heat. There’s nothing cosier than feeling the fluffiness of sheepskin on your bare feet. In fact, Most Australians prefer wearing sheepskin boots with no socks on. 

Where can these boots be worn?

Traditionally in Australia, sheepskin boots are worn at home and the courageous *may* wear them when they pop out to their local supermarket. Head on over to the more multicultural suburbs and you start seeing them worn in a fashionable, fun and vivacious manner, influenced by the overseas approach to sheepskin boots. These days you can wear our boots for any occasion or purpose, Our Hiking sole range for example is perfect for camping and hiking; that’s right, we have had orders for formals, and even weddings, The good old Aussie icon has now evolved into nothing less than a fashion statement. 
We say, wear them as you wish and look after them like you would care for any of your favourite footwear. Sheepkin Boots are delicate and as such should be taken good care of, both, whilst in use and when stored away waiting for next winter. You can find Tips on how to care for your ugg boots at our care section.

Are your Sheepskin Boots water proof?

We get this question often and the answer is no, they are not waterproof. You can however make them more water resistance using our protector. This will repel the water from absorbing in the sheepskin and from leaving unwanted water stains. Use it, it will keep your Sheepskin Boots looking good for longer.
We have more information in our Care section of the website.

Can I wear these boots to the snow?

Sheepskin Boots are the best thing to meet when you come back to your chalet after a wonderful day of ski. Snow boots off, sheepskin boots on – Perfect!
Our traditional Sheepskin Boots are not suitable for snow, People naturally associate snow with sheepskin boots due to their warmth. However sheepskin boots are not water proof and taking them in deep snow will saturate them resulting in freezing feet.  Our Outdoor Boots range will provide you with some limited protection, however these will only protect you from a couple of cm of depth. They should not be used to replace ski boots or gum boots.

How long will my sheepskin boots / slippers last?

Depending on the use and care. If you wear them only indoor, then you should get some years out of them. We have seen people bring us in their boots still in great condition after 10 years.
There is no need to purchase a new pair if your innersoles go flat, this is normal as most of the pressure goes towards the soles. We do recommend replacing your innersoles once they go flat with a new pair of sheepskin Innersoles as they will make your Boots feel new.
If they are used extensively and are for outdoor use this time frame will reduce significantly.
Although sheepkin boots do stretch, teenagers or children that are still growing may require a new pair every season.

What Colours do your Boots come in?

We offer our Sheepskin Boots in more than 20 colours and growing.
The colour in which these boots are most recognisable is the chestnut and is always a winner and a sure thing if you wish to purchase our boots as a gift.
Historically these boots came in the Chestnut and Sand colour, however, the more people used them the more specific colour requirements became. We are now very proud of a variety of more than 20 colours. We try to come up with new colours as seasons change and we remove colours as they become dated. You can see our colour options for each style in the product pages.

What is your most popular style?

By far the classic short and classic short deluxe are our most popular style of boots in the chestnut colour.

Do you custom make Boots?

Yes, we do and we love doing it.
So if you want us to make you a special, one of a kind pair of Sheepskin Boots, contact us tell us what you are after, and we will make the impossible, possible.
We will also custom make sheepskin products and boots to match the needs of our community. Sheepskin Boots are not just a fashion statement and are not just a product that keeps you warm and cosy in the cold days. In fact sheepskin products have been used for generations in hospitals as underlays, wheelchairs, prams and strollers and one of the great benefits has been on people suffering from poor circulation.
We have custom made slippers and boots for people with disabilities. There is never a job too big for us. If you have the patience, we have the will. Drop in to our factory or contact us and chat with us about your needs – we may be able to help.

How do you make your sheepskin boots?

With lots of care and pride. Our motto: Our Boots are made for you. They have been made by some of the most skilled people in our industry. The end result? Let your feet do the talking!
You can watch the video below to see how we actually make your Sheepskin Boots.


Are your fashion and accessories made in Australia?

Yes and No. Let us explain.

Printed merchandise is created at the closest possible location to where you live. If you are in Australia your item will be printed in Australia, if you are in Europe yours will be printed at a fulfilment location nearest you and if you're in the USA, we have fulfilment centres right there too. 

Some items may not always be available in some countries so we will ship it from the nearest port to you. 


Apparel FAQ'S

We print on demand so that means we only create your piece after you order. If you choose an all over print design, those items are printed flat and sewn for you. If you choose a single print (direct to garment) those are generally pre-made and the print is applied by our print partners. 


How long do I need to wait for my very cool apparel?

At the moment turn around times for print is fast, a week or two. Deliveries are mostly good and quick but please make allowances for Pandemic lockdowns and related delays in your area. 


Want to know more?

Drop us a line and we will be glad to talk you through the process and our fulfilment centre locations.  

Did you know?

The best way to remove stains is with chalk? For more info view our care page

How do I clean and look after my boots?

We have some great tips and comprehensive information on our care page section of the website.

Can I return my product?

Sorry we do not accept returns for orders shipped to addresses in Australia or overseas. You can view more info of our Guarantee in our Shipping & Returns page.

Do you provide a warranty on your products?

When you buy with us, you receive together with a wonderful pair of Sheepskin Boots, our Manufacturer’s warranty. For more information visit our Shipping & Returns page.

I entered an incorrect size or colour, how do I make a change to my order?

As soon as you realize there is an error on your order please contact uggsales@ugg.com.au and ensure you quote your order number (it will look like UGGXXXX) and the change you require. We will do our best to accommodate this request, however if your order has already been shipped it will be too late to change the order. 

Do you accept exchanges?

Please see our returns section for more information Shipping & Returns.

Did you know?

Did you know that when sending from Melbourne, Australia, it takes less time for a parcel to arrive into the United Kingdom than it does to Perth, Australia?

How long does my order take to arrive?

We generally require 2-3 business days to process all orders through our website. This is known as ‘processing time’. Business days are Monday to Friday and exclude weekends and public holidays in the state of Victoria. Your transit time will then be determined based on the following:
The shipping method you choose - Express or regular; and your destination.
Processing times may be longer during high seasons and slight delays may occur during these times. Our high seasons are two during the year. Australian winter (May to September) and International Winter (October to January).  Particular points of high traffic are Mother’s Day and Christmas. Be sure to get your order in early.
If you need your order for a specific date, it would be best to state it on your order or to contact us
Transit times and comprehensive information on shipping can be found on our shipping page here: Shipping & Returns

What methods of shipping do you provide?

We provide both express shipping and regular shipping. For more information visit our Shipping page here: Shipping & Returns.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship our sheepskin boots worldwide. Labelling may vary depending on destination.

Will I pay import tax or Duty?

There is no import tax for items shipped from and delivered within Australia.
For international deliveries, depending on each country laws and regulations, you or the recipient may be liable to pay import tax and other related charges. It is always best to check with your local authorities.
For customers purchasing gifts to send overseas, please ensure you are aware of any import taxes the recipient may be subjected to.

Did you know?

Did you know that Sheepskin Boots have been dated back to WW1 where pilots used to wear them to keep warm when flying in an open cockpit? They were known as “FUGG” boots – possibly short for flying uggs.

Are your boots made in Australia?

Yes! Our Sheepskin Boots are 100% Australian Made, We don’t import components or try to find shortcuts to reduce our cost, they are Australian Made and you can expect the great quality that comes with it. By purchasing with us you are also supporting our old industry and craftsmanship and with it Australian jobs. Our Factory is located in Braeside Victoria and if you are nearby, you are more than welcome to visit us. Find our opening hours and address on our Contact us page contact us.

What kind of Sheepskin Do you Use?

We source our sheepskin right here in Melbourne, Australia and use the highest grades made available to us to ensure that you receive a pair of ugg boots that will stand the test of time.
The main breed of sheepskin which is used and is ideal for ugg footwear is “merino – cross”. These breeds come from key regions such as Victoria which include Ballarat, Bendigo, Echuca, Cobram, Colac, and Wangaratta. These locations have good feed/grazing areas. South Australia boasts the Murray Bridge, and Naracoorte areas whilst in NSW the key areas are the Goulburn Valley, Wagga, Orange and Bathurst.

What labelling do your boots carry?

All our products come with "Australian Made" swing tags as well as The "Australian Sheepskin Association" swing tag. They are shipped with our original tags and labels.
All photos on our website represent the style and colour of boots only and changes in our labels may occur depending on production line.
You can rest assure you are purchasing original quality sheepskin boots and other products. Australian Ugg Boots Pty Ltd are proud members of the Australian Sheepskin Association.
All of our sheepskin boots have a label on the back of the heel. They also have a sewn on tag on the side "Made in Australia / Genuine Sheepskin".

*All sheepskin boots shipped to the United States of America are shipped exclusively with our "Made In Australia" label on the heel support.



*Please note all other international orders will be shipped exclusively with the following label on the heel support.

Do you sell the ‘Ugg Australia’ brand?

Over the years there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the Deckers Brand and Australian manufacturers. The answer is quite simply no. We do not sell this brand of boots, we are not affiliated with their company, nor do we make boots for this brand. Deckers are an American owned company who internationally own the brand name ‘Ugg Australia’ and whose manufacturing occurs offshore, mostly in China. They are not an Australian company and they do not sell Australian made sheepskin boots – We do!
In Australia as we all know the term “ugg” is a generic term which refers to a sheepskin boot and cannot be trademarked.