Ugg Care

Get to know your boots and how to care for them, they will love you for it!

Cleaning & Care Instructions

At Time of Purchase:

Your new ugg boots are not water proof. We recommend you spray your new ugg boots with a suede protector to make them water resistant.

Making your ugg boots water resistant means, that if your ugg boots get wet in the rain, you are able to put them aside to dry naturally and scrub off any stains the following morning. You would then need to re-apply spray to make them water resistant again.

Loose Threads:

Do not pull on any loose threads. If there are excess threads, simply get a pair of scissors and trim them down. Never pull on them, and never cut through a seam.

Snugness and Sizing:

Your new ugg boots should be very snug when first purchased. Your toes however should not be curling or hurting. The snugness should be felt over the bridge of your feet.

Sheepskin boots will stretch wherever there is pressure around your feet and legs. Generally we see ugg boots stretch up to half a size.

Your heel should be firmly in place without moving up and down.

Socks or No Socks?

It’s up to you! We recommend enjoying the full force of sheepskin warmth without socks. Allow the natural fibres of sheepskin to give you maximum heat. There’s nothing cosier than feeling the fluffiness of sheepskin on your bare feet.

Colour Fast / Dye Migration:

All Sheepskins have been through a strong dyeing process; the result is these magnificent colours that we are able to work with and provide you with one of the largest colour selections available. From time to time however, there may be some dye migration in the darker colours. This is a natural occurrence and should gradually disappear with wear.


Toe Bursts / Blowouts:

A toe burst or toe blowout is where a hole occurs at the top end of the vamp (where our big toe is). A toe burst on ugg boots can occur due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The Ugg Boots were too small to begin with and pressure was created.
  2. Toe nails have not been clipped down enough.
  3. A bad batch of sheepskin or a low Grade of Sheepskin was used.

How to avoid them:

  • Ensure you are selecting the correct size.
  • Ensure your toe nails are clipped and maintained for ugg boot wear.
  • Go for quality. Look for the warranty and go for the guarantee.



Don’t Cook with your Ugg boots on. Remember, they can get stained very easy with cooking oils, wines, sauces.

Don’t use chlorines, bleaches, peroxides or chemicals to try and wash your ugg boots or remove stains.

Don’t Dry clean your ugg boots.

Don’t Put them in the washing machine.


Keep Away from:

Dogs (they love to eat away at them! We may have some odd used ugg boots laying around – if you are desperate to save your own ugg boots, contact us!)

Deep Snow – People often associate snow with ugg boots. Your ugg boots are not water proof and taking them in deep snow will saturate them. In addition your feet will freeze. You may purchase our outdoor ugg boots hiking range to take up with you to the snow, however these will only protect you from a couple of cm of depth. They should not be used in place of ski boots or gum boots.

Puddles – Try your best to stay clear of stepping in puddles with your ugg boots. If this happens and your boots become saturated, allow them to naturally dry overnight and refer to our cleaning stains method below.

Synthetic Boots – The type that look like ugg boots but are made of acrylic. In fact big department stores that sell them have been forbidden from calling them ugg boots. The term ugg is a generic term for sheepskin boots. A pair of boots which is not made of sheepskin, cannot be called ugg boots. These cheap imitations will only make your feet sweat and smell. It’s worth investing in a pair of real Australian Sheepskin Boots.


Maintenance / Storage:

Look after your ugg boots, just like you look after all your other shoes. At the end of winter give them a good clean by following our ‘cleaning/restoring’ instructions; stuff them with cloth towels or socks and pack them away nicely in a cool, dry place, so they hold their shape for the next winter. Keep them away from dust and direct light.


Cleaning / Restoring your Ugg Boots:

  1. Use a gentle brush to brush away excess dirt and grime which overtime has become one with your ugg boots. We use a gentle pet brush or lint brush so we won’t damage the sheepskin through the brushing process.
  2. Grab yourself a cloth or use the sponge from our care kit.
  3. Place a cap full of our shampoo and conditioner on the cloth.
  4. Dampen the cloth. You are now ready to clean your ugg boots.
  5. Gently dampen the whole area of the ugg boots in a circular motion. You will note they change colour to a darker shade but this will restore to its natural colour once the cleaning process is complete. Be careful not to add too much water as you will limit the lifespan of the sheepskin. Too much water can ultimately make the wool separate from the skin. It can also be a cause of the skin to stretch out too much.
  6. Once you have cleaned the ugg boots you are ready to dry them. Stuff the ugg boots with either tea towels, or butcher paper and bring them to shape. Normally 2 pieces of large butcher paper are enough for the vamp area (front area of the ugg boots) and 3 large pieces of butcher paper scrunched up are enough for the upper area of the ugg boots.
  7. Place them in a corner without direct sunlight and allow them to dry overnight. Don’t use artificial heat to dry such as a hairdryer and no direct sunlight. When you wake up in the morning, your ugg boots will look brand new.
  8. Consider purchasing a new pair of innersoles to refresh your ugg boots and enjoy stepping on brand new fluffiness.


Removing Stains:

As with everything else, stains on ugg boots need to be dealt with immediately. Try not to allow too much time to pass before treating them.

Oil or Grease Stains, food stains, mud stains.

  1. The best method we have found to deal with these stains is chalk. Grab yourself some white chalk from your local supermarket or stationery store.
  2. Chalk up the affected area very gently. Don’t worry about the area turning white for now.
  3. Leave your ugg boots aside with the chalk on, overnight. During this time the chalk will absorb and take away the stains.
  4. Grab your brush and gently brush off the excess chalk. If the chalk marks are still there, stop brushing and rub sheepskin to sheepskin together in order to restore the colour of the ugg boots. If you continue this gently for a couple of minutes, all chalk marks will disappear. Repeat this process if the oil stains are not completely removed.


Other Stains:

  1. Depending on what type of stains or marks you have, the best way to remove small marks such as pen marks, is to gently rub the affected area with an eraser.  This will generally solve the problem and remove these type of marks.
  2. Glue Stains can often be removed from the sheepskin by delicately placing the blade of a sharp knife or scissors on the skin and gently moving it up and down. This will peel off the glue. Extra Caution must be used with this method both for the safety of the user and the sheepskin.

Rain Spots:

  1. Sometimes you can get what we call "spotting" where the footwear have come into contact with a few drops of water. You can usually eliminate this by folding the footwear onto itself, that is skin against skin, and gently rub it together.
  2. If spotting persists try our ‘cleaning / restoring’ instructions.
  3. To avoid rain spots, grab yourself a protector.


Washing Machine:

Although some claim that you can wash your ugg boots in the washing machine, we generally don’t recommend this method. The sheepskin will become discoloured and patchy looking and the soles may also come away from the boots.


How To Clean The Swarovski® Crystals On Your Boots

To remove fingerprint stains or any other stain such as mud, water etc, please use a dry micro-fiber cloth (such as a sunglasses cloth) and gently wipe the crystals to regain their sparkle.


Let us know what works for you:

From time to time our customers find different methods of washing or cleaning their ugg boots. We would absolutely love to hear from you if you have found a method not listed here or if you would simply like us to add to our page of care. Please contact us. Remember, this page was made for you.