Fashion accessories for your Ugg Boots

Fashion accessories for your Ugg Boots

Congratulations on purchasing your new UGG boots but you may be thinking about ways to style your new boots. UGG boots are a fashion staple and can be worn a number of exciting ways. 

Here are some ways to style your Classic Uggs, this winter. 

Our Australian Made Classic Ugg Boots, soft and fluffy on the inside and cool and classic on the outside are going to be a staple for the winter season.

Trackies - Tracksuits

classic ugg boots with matching tracksuit

Trackies never go out of fashion, do they?  Oversized and layered pieces with UGG boots give that extra oomph to the winter wardrobe. Effortless overcoat and minimal accessories. 

Fashion Style Tip: Tuck your cuffs inside your boots. Layer your look with body suit under oversize pieces to add warmth and adaptability. And don't forget the sunnies!


classic uggs with oversized outerwear

In some places in Australia it gets pretty cold and you might want to spring for a winter coat. Oversized is on trend with a puffer jacket or coat. Pair with skinny or tight fit jeans. 

Fashion Style Tip: If it's skinny tuck it in, anything else a shorter boot style is best with the cuff just brushing the top of the boot. 

Dresses and Skirts

uggs with dresses and skirts

With tights (if you're in the cooler states) or without, many celebrities and fashionistas are looking cool and casual in UGGs for winter and even spring. 

Fashion Style Tip: Patterned leggings are in this season and you can up your fashion game with a great pair of this seasons hottest. Try Etsy or Redbubble for something a bit more unique.


ugg boots with leather

Leather or Pleather tight fit pants are always in season. Make the most of your skinny pleather's and tuck them into a pair of shorts or talls. 

Chunky Knits

ugg boots with chunky knits

If you're looking for comfort, warmth and style you cannot go past a chunky knit. Paired with fashion favourite Bella Button or Deluxe Classic Short UGG boots you will be a in style where ever you go. 

Fashion Style Tip: Skinny jeans and leggings go inside the boot, and other style of jeans sit above the top of the boot. Fold the cuff if you need too. 

We also stock Ugg styled accessories and fashion items to purchase with your favourite boots.

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