• Fashion accessories for your Ugg Boots

    Congratulations on purchasing your new UGG boots but you may be thinking about ways to style your new boots. UGG boots are a fashion staple and can...
  • How Do I Clean My UGG Boots

    • Step 1. Use a soft brush to gently remove dirt. 
    • Step 2. Using a clean dam sponge, moisten the surface of the Ugg Boots
    • Step 3. Use some clean paper towel to stuff out the Uggs to maintain the shape
    • Step 4. Leave the boots to dry out naturally in a cool ventilated area
    • Step 5. Use a suede brush 
  • ‘Ugg Australia’ or ‘Ugg Boots Made in Australia’

    Some shonky companies have started using American and Chinese Sheepskin as a way to fool consumers. They have the UGG boot uppers made in China and ship them to factories here in Australia where they apply the soles. They then call the boots Australian made UGG boots.  #AVOID #OnlyAustralianMade