How Do I Clean My UGG Boots

How Do I Clean My UGG Boots

How to clean UGG Boots

  • Step 1. Use a soft brush to gently remove dirt. 
  • Step 2. Using a clean dam sponge, moisten the surface of the Ugg Boots
  • Step 3. Use some clean paper towel to stuff out the Uggs to maintain the shape
  • Step 4. Leave the boots to dry out naturally in a cool ventilated area
  • Step 5. Use a suede brush on the dry boots moving in a single direction to restore the appearance


Clean my UGG boots


Caring for your New UGG Boots

If this is your first pair of Ugg Boots welcome! If you have worn UGG boots before, welcome back! Now lets get to know each other. 

How to Clean & Care for your UGG boots

When you first get your UGG boots:

The beautiful merino suede outer of your new boots is not naturally water resistant. We recommend you treat your boots with a suede protector designed to assist with suede water resistance. 

Once treated, your UGG boots become resistant to a rain showers. If your boots get wet dry them naturally in a cool ventilated area. If they are very wet, it is best to stuff them with clean paper towel to maintain the shape while they are drying. Once your UGG boots are all dried out, brush off any loose dirt and take a moistened clean sponge to any stains and air dry. Re-apply the spray to keep them water resistant. 

Loose Threads:

STOP - Don’t pull on any loose threads. Even though we have a super star who inspects all of our boots before shipping, she can miss a thread or two. If you see an excess thread, use sharp scissors to trim. DO NOT pull on a thread or cut a seem. 

Too Tight? Too Loose?

It is best to err on the snug side with new UGG boots however if your toes are hurting or curling, that’s going to be too tight. 

Your new boots will give about a half a size with wear, including where the boot is snug fit like the feet and legs. 

TIP: Your heel should sit firmly in place and not slip up and down. 

Socks or No Socks?

Umm how do we say this. NO SOCKS. Okay you can wear socks, but the warmth of the sheepskin is best experienced without socks, try it and see for yourself.

Colour and Dye

To achieve the extensive range of colours available on the skins have been through a dyeing process and sometimes with the darker colours there is some migration. This will disappear with wear. 

Colour Fast / Dye Migration:

All sheepskins have been through a strong dyeing process; the result is these magnificent colours that we are able to work with and provide you with one of the largest colour selections available. From time to time however, there may be some dye migration in the darker colours. This is a natural occurrence and should gradually disappear with wear.

How to Avoid Damaging Your New UGG boots

  • Select the correct size for your feet. Too small and you risk ‘toe blowout” when, overtime there is too much pressure on the sheepskin
  • Obviously, well maintained toe nails and feet are good for your health and also good for the health of your UGG boots. Long nails can wear or even tear the sheepskin.
  • Look for real Australian Sheepskin. Our unique weather conditions and environment make for super fluffy fleece and tough suede.
  • Avoid fakes. Avoid Synthetic. Often inferior quality and the manufacturing is poor. Acrylic boots can cause feet to sweat and smell. 
  • Stay out of the kitchen or take extra care as UGG boots will stain with cooking oils, wine, coffee and sauce.
  • Never use chlorines, bleaches, peroxides or chemicals on your UGG boots.
  • UGG boots are not machine washable and you should avoid submerging your boots in water
  • Snow is a no go, especially deep snow. Keep your boots for the lodge and use your ski boots or gum boots for wet snow conditions
  • Jump puddles and stay out of the rain. If your UGG boots do get saturated allow them time to dry overnight. See HOW TO CLEAN YOUR BOOTS
  • Yikes, the puppies love UGG boots - avoid!


How to Store Your New UGG boots

Just like your other winter shoes and boots, give them a good clean following the cleaning instructions listed above. Stuff and shape them with towels or socks to maintain the shape and pack them in a cool, dry place so they will be ready to go next winter.


  1. Use a soft brush to brush away loose dirt and grime. A baby brush, a pet brush or lint brush are ideal and won’t damage the sheepskin. 
  2. Find the sponge in our care kit or use a clean cloth.
  3. Place a cap full of our shampoo and conditioner on the sponge.
  4. Dampen the sponge. 
  5. Gently dab the whole area of the UGG boots taking care not to saturate. Do not overdo it as saturating can cause the fleece to seperate from the suede and may stretch the boots out of shape.
  6. Dry your UGG boots thoroughly. Stuff the UGG boots with towelling, clean paper towel or socks and set into shape. 
  7. Set them aside in a dry area away from direct sunlight to allow them to dry overnight. Don’t use a hair dryer, radiator or artificial heat source. 
  8. Think about replacing the sheepskin innersole to restore comfort. 


Treat stains immediately. 

Oil or Grease Stains, food stains, mud stains.

  1. We recommend using chalk on these type of stains.
  2. Apply chalk to the affected area. Use gentle strokes and dabs. 
  3. Leave the chalk on the stain overnight to absorb the stain. 
  4. The next day brush off excess chalk with a soft baby or pet brush. If any residue from the chalk remains, rub sheepskin against itself to restore the original colour. Repeat this process if the oil stains are not completely removed.

Other Stains:

  1. Remove small marks such as pen marks by gently rubbing the affected area with an eraser.  
  2. Glue Stains can often be removed with a sharp knife, use the utmost caution so you don’t damage the boots or yourself. Best done by an adult.

Rain Spots:

  1. If you get a small number of water spots on your UGG boots, allow them to dry and then rub the skin against itself. 
  2. If spotting remains try our ‘CLEANING 101’ instructions
  3. Avoid rain spots by applying the UGG protector.

Washing Machine:

Real UGG boots should not be washed in a washing machine, in fact we don’t recommend saturating UGG boots or you run the risk of the sheepskin becoming discoloured and patchy looking and the soles may also come away from the boots. BEWARE of sites that are recommending Washing Machines as they may be selling fake boots too. 

How To Clean The Swarovski® Crystals On Your Boots

A dry micro-fiber cloth such as the cloth that comes with eye glasses can be used to gently wipe the crystals and make them sparkle. 


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