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Classic Tall Ugg Boots (Extra Large Sizes)

Classic Tall Ugg Boots (Extra Large Sizes)

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These boot are tall, a whopping 34cm from the ground up, sitting under the knee. A classic all time best seller, they are loved because of their versatility and warmth. Folded over at the top, they make a wonderful fashion statement with a fluff edge. Because they are tall they can be worn as casual boots or a dressy look. Worn underpants or tucked in. The secret to wearing the Classic Tall is to slide then on like socks. 


Made In:  Melbourne, Australia

Made from: 100% double faced sheepskin; individually hand-picked.

Eco Friendly Sheepskin: Yes

Sole: Lightweight EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)

Height: Approximately 34 cm from ground up

Position: Just below the knee area

Use: Indoor / Outdoor

Worn: With or without socks

Sizes: 14 to 17

Colours: All


  • Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Note: These boots are made to order and as such are unable to be exchanged or returned.

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